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Inheritance law in Greece – basic provisions

Publiziert am 15.Januar.2018 von Abraam Kosmidis

Inheritance law in GreeceThe Inheritance Law in Greece is mainly included in the 5th book of the Greek Civil Code, which is comprised of articles 1710 – 2035. The inheritance law applicable is subject to European Regulation No. 2012/650 for deaths that occur after the 17.8.2015. Greek inheritance laws mainly apply in the event that the decedent had his last place of residence ……

Neues Förderprogramm in Griechenland

Publiziert am 29.Juni.2017 von Abraam Kosmidis

Förderprogramm in GriechenlandVerarbeitung, Handel oder Entwicklung von landwirtschaftlichen Erzeugnissen

Das Programm bezieht sich auf die Förderung der Unternehmen, die im Bereich der Verarbeitung, des Handels oder der Entwicklung von landwirtschaftlichen Erzeugnissen der AEUV tätig sind (Rohstoffe und Endprodukt innerhalb der Niederlassung) zur Gründung und Modernisierung, mit oder ohne Verlegung einer Anlage oder auch Tätigkeiten zur Fusion von Anlagen.

Potenzielle Begünstigte

Jedwede Gesellschaftsform ……


Publiziert am 5.August.2014 von Abraam Kosmidis

Samaras MerkelBesonders zufrieden erschienen griechische Regierungskreise nach dem letzten Gespräch zwischen der Bundeskanzlerin und dem Ministerpräsidenten Samaras, welches äußerst positiv verlief. Die Bundeskanzlerin volles Verständnis für die Prioritäten und Zielsetzungen der Regierung gezeigt und Verhandlungen für September offen gelassen hat.

Regierungschef Samaras und der neue Finanzminister Gikas Chardouvelis betonten die Verbesserung der Lage der griechischen Wirtschaft und die von der Regierung ……

Financial tools for the back bone of the Greek Economy: Small and Medium Enterprises

Publiziert am 20.Mai.2014 von Abraam Kosmidis

Financial tools for the back bone of the Greek Economy: Small and Medium Enterprises

Definition of SMEs

SME stands for Small and Medium Enterprises. The European Commission (EC) has provided for the definition of SMEs:

  • A small sized enterprise is the one which employs less than 50 people and its turnover is less than 10 million Euros
  • A medium sized

Greece’s Budget Surplus Sparks More Controversy

Publiziert am 13.Mai.2014 von Abraam Kosmidis

With the May 2014 European and local elections looming, the conservative-led coalition government has already embarked on the process of making political capital out of the first primary budget surplus recorded in a generation. Predicting a figure of around €2.5 billion, more than three times the government’s original estimate of €800 million, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has stated: ‘We must ……

Another opportunity to invest in Greece

Publiziert am 5.Mai.2014 von Abraam Kosmidis

Exploitation of the Greek state-owned assets: Another opportunity to invest in Greece.

Since 2010, Greece is making a continuous effort to recover from the severe effects of the economic crisis and to boost its economy. Because of the fact that the Hellenic Republic is the biggest owner of properties in the country, the policy makers decided to exploit these properties ……

Tourism: the keystone for the development of the Greek economy

Publiziert am 4.April.2014 von Abraam Kosmidis

Tourism Keystone Development Greek Economy

Greece is an ideal tourist destination. It is a country with unique and diverse landscape, ancient history and heritage. Tourism has always been considered as the main pillar of the Greek economy. The economic crisis in Greece unveiled that in fact, tourism was not considered to be part of a serious national strategy. The present economic situation makes clear that ……

The Impact of New Greek Property and Shipping Tax Laws

Publiziert am 16.März.2014 von Abraam Kosmidis

The Impact of New Greek Property and Shipping Tax Laws

Greek tax laws have undergone major changes over the past year or so as part of the range of measures designed to combat the financial crisis and to meet the obligations of the bailout agreement. This has helped some, but forced others to make some difficult decisions. The removal of ……

Enterprise Greece: An initiative to facilitate new investments

Publiziert am 10.März.2014 von Abraam Kosmidis

The primary concern for the Greek government is to put country’s economy back on track. The Officials are more than interested in finding ways not only to maintain the existing investments, but also to appeal and to support new ones. The government is making every effort to encourage its international trade collaborations and to boost even further the investment environment ……

Starting up a business in Greece within a day

Publiziert am 28.Februar.2014 von Abraam Kosmidis

On Monday, 17th February 2014, the Greek Minister of Development, Mr Xatzidakis, gave a press-conference, where he presented a draft of a new investment law which will change radically the methodology followed in order to start up a new business in Greece. It aims to reduce the time required to begin a new business up to a single day. ……