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Growing Opposition to Continued Greek Austerity Measures

Publiziert am 15.Februar.2014 von Abraam Kosmidis

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras began his six month tenure of the EU Presidency in January with a speech criticising the continued imposition of austerity measures. This has meant four years of harsh spending cuts and a tight fiscal policy, which he said the country could no longer tolerate. His is now a leading voice in the growing opposition against ……

Greece Set to Leave the Bailout Scheme as it Assumes the EU Presidency

Publiziert am 9.Januar.2014 von Abraam Kosmidis

On Monday 30 December 2013, the Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, announced that the country would leave the bailout programme in 2014. In a televised speech he stressed that with Greece assuming the EU stewardship this January, the coming months held the promise of renewed confidence after nearly four years of difficult austerity measures. Following Ireland’s withdrawal from the bailout ……

The impact of the austerity measures on Greeks

Publiziert am 12.Dezember.2013 von Abraam Kosmidis


Austerity measures under the terms of the international bailout have put increasing pressure on the Greek people. Cuts in services, salaries and pensions alongside higher taxes and a 59% rise in electricity prices since 2007 have ensured that many now face a hard winter with their electricity supply cut off because of non-payment of bills. The consensus is that the ……

Ein Gleichnis zur Finanzkrise in Griechenland

Publiziert am 24.Juli.2012 von Abraam Kosmidis

Die Parabel von dem kranken Patienten – ein Gleichnis zur Finanzkrise in Griechenland.

Jetzt ist es wieder so weit. Griechenland soll nach dem erneuten Wunsch einiger Politiker wieder mal aus dem Euro heraus gedrängt werden. Es soll kein Geld mehr in ein „Fass ohne Boden“ fließen. So plausibel diese Ansicht klingen mag umso kurzsichtiger ist sie. Es wurde bereits viel ……