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2010 Tax reforms in Greece

In the last week before Christmas the Greek Parliament instituted discussion of a new tax law reform. In a written statement on the Internet as early as 18.12.2009, the government published the key measures from the new tax policy and presented them to Parliament on 22.12.2009. The aim of the tax reform is to introduce a fair and efficient tax system, which is intended to simultaneously improve or even eradicate the weaknesses and defects in the tax system which has prevailed in Greece to date.

The following government findings paved the way and were decisive for the major tax reform in Greece: [1]

The fundamental causes of the actual loss of tax revenues in Greece are:

Taking into consideration the causes of the above weaknesses and defects in the Greek tax system, the Greek government now intends to undertake a fundamental reform of the tax system, intended on the one hand to reduce Greece’s deficit in the EU and on the other to reinvigorate the Greek economy. The aim of the reform policy is to create a tax system which stands out because of the following characteristics.

Areas for and emphasis of reorganization of the Greek tax system [1]

The new law, which will regulate all these tax measures, is supposed to be passed as early as March 2010.

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